Gender audit executive summary

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Gender audit like any other kind of audit is a tool for assessment and evaluation of its
correspondence to definite standards and norms. In case of gender audit it is related to
institutionalization of gender equality within organizations including their policies, programs,
projects and/or provision of services, structures, proceedings and budgets these organizations are
responsible for.

In November 2019 The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted The National Strategy to Fight
HIV, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis by 2030 (further on referred to as the Strategy 2030). The
development process of such a long-term strategy demanded involvement of civil society
organizations to support human rights and gender equality in the process of decision taking
especially regarding those issues related to civil society. One of the possibilities for meaningful
participation of civil society is a three-year action plan for implementing the Strategy at the same
time representing budgeting tool for different funding sources. Previous experience clearly
demonstrated problems with coordination that continue prevent effective advocacy activities on
behalf of civil society


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